Live streaming ideas

With this post, I'd like to share some ideas about two live streaming shows with you. It would be cool to get some feedback from you, especially from the German speaking readers as well. The first idea is about an German speaking .NET Developer Community Standup and the second one is about a live coding stream (English or German), both hosted on Google Hangouts.

A German speaking .NET Developer Community Standup

Since the beginning of the ASP.NET Community Standup, I watch this show more or less regularly. I think I missed only two or three shows. Because of the different time zone it is almost not possible to watch the live stream. Anyway. I really like the format of that show.

Also since a few years the number of user group attendees decreases. In my user group sometimes only two or three attendees show up, even if we have a lot more registrations via meetup. We (Olivier Giss and me) have kinda fun hosting the user group, but it is also hard to push much effort in it for just a handful of loyal attendees. Since a while we record the sessions using skype for business or google hangouts and push them to YouTube. This gives some more folks the chance to see the talks. We thought a lot about the reasons and tried to change some things to get more attendees, but that didn't really work.

This is the reason why I'm thinking laud about a .NET Developer Community Standup for the German speaking region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) since months.

I'd like to find two more people to join the team to host the show. Would be cool to have a person from Austria as well as from Switzerland. Since I'm a swiss MVP, I could also take over the swiss part in behalf ;-) In that case I would like to have another person from Germany. One host per country would be cool.

Three host is a nice number and it wouldn't be necessary for the hosts to be available every time we do a live stream. Anyone interested in joining the team?

To keep it simple I'd also use google hangouts to stream the show, and it is not necessary to have an high end steaming equipment. A good headset and a good internet connection should be enough.

In the show I would like to go threw some interesting community and technology news. Talking about some random stuff and I'd also like to invite special guests, who can show us things they did or who would like to talk about special things. This should be a lazy show about interesting stuff about technology and community. I'd also like to give community leads the chance to talk about their work and their events.

What are you thinking about that? Are you interested in?

If yes, I would set up a GitHub repo to collect ideas and topics to talk about.

Live Coding via Live Stream on Google Hangouts

Another idea is inspired by Jeff Fritz live stream on Twitch called "Fritz and Friends". The recorded streams are published to YouTube afterwards. I really like this live stream, even if it's a completely different kind of video to watch. Jeff is permanently in discussion with the users in the chat, while working on his projects. This is kinda wired and makes the show a little nervous, but it is also really interesting. The really cool thing is that he accepts pull request from his audience and he discuss their changes with the audience while working on his project.

I would do such a live stream as well, there were a few projects I would like to work on:

  • LightCore 2.0
    • An alternative DI container for .NET and .NET Core projects
    • Almost done, but needs to be finalized.
    • Maybe you folks want do add more features or add some optimizations
  • Working on the GraphQL middleware for ASP.NET Core
  • Working on health checks for ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core
    • Including health check application provided in the same way IdentityServer is provided to ASP.NET projects: Mainly as a single but extendable library and a optional UI to visualize the health of the connected services.
  • Working on a developer community platform like the portal Microsoft planned to release last year?
    • Unfortunately Microsoft retired that project. It would make more sense anyway, if this project is built and hosted by the community itself.
    • So this would be a great way to create such a developer community platform

Maybe it makes also sense to invite a special guest to talk about specific topics while working on the project. e.g. inviting Dominick Baier to implement authentication to the developer community platform.

What if I do the same thing? Are you interested in? What would be the best Language for that kind of life stream?

If you are interested, I would also set up a GitHub repo to collect ideas and topics to talk about and I would setup additional repos per project.

What do you think?

Do you like these ideas? Do you have any other idea? Please drop me a comment and share your thoughts :-)