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This Blog uses Google Analytics to track the traffic of this web page. I also use Google Feedburner to track the RSS feed usage as well. And I use Utterances and GitHub to enable page and blog post comments.

All this third party tools are not directly embedded into the blog, but loaded via JavaScript. Except Feedburner which is an external link to the RSS feed.

To opt-out don't accept this privacy statement and in case of Feedburner don't use the official feed, but the private one:

What information is being collected?

This blog doesn't collect any data directly, but uses third party tools that may or may not collect user data by tracking the users IP addresses or cookies, or by requesting for user input.

Who is collecting it?

I use Google Analytics to get more insights about how much readers are visiting this blog, how much readers are reading each blog post and where the readers came from. Google added an option to anonymize the readers data and we turned that option on. In addition we enabled the option to delete the collected user data after 14 months.

And we use Utterances and GitHub to give you the chance to drop comments to the blog posts. Utterances asks for the rights to post comments as GitHub issues in your behalf. Utterances doesn't store any credentials since it uses GitHub to authenticate. If you don't want to allow Utterances to post your behalf anymore, you are able to remove Utterances from your GitHub account. Utterances will not store any personal data. Utterances may track you using an IP address or an cookies.

To track the activities on our news feed, we use Googles Feedburner, which is also tracking reads and clicks on the feed items. I use this to get insights about the feed usages. I don't care about the individual readers, but about the amount of readers and about the country of origin.

How is it collected?

Google Analytics, Utterances, GitHub and Googles Feedburner may use Cookies and IP address tracking. GitHub may also collect the readers activities and I collect your comments including your GitHub username in my blog repository.

Why is it being collected?

I'm pretty much interested in the number of readers on the blog and in the number of readers per blog post. This is why I track the readers activities on my blog.

I also like to give you the chance to drop a comment, to know more about your opinion about my posts. Utterances and GitHub adds this option for me.

How will it be used?

Google may use this information to track the visitors, to get more information about the visitors and to recognize the visitors.

Who will it be shared with?

Please visit the Googles privacy information to find out how the data are shared.

I collect the readers comments including the GitHub username directly and in a transparent manner. This information are public available through this blog and the GitHub repository of this blog.

What will be the effect of this on the individuals concerned?

The individuals may be recognized by Google. This is the only relevant concern on this service. Please visit the Google privacy information to find out what else they do with the collected data.

Is the intended use likely to cause individuals to object or complain?

The usage of the collected data won't cause the visitors to object or complain.


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