ASP.NET Hack Advent Post 08: Hanselman debugs a .NET Core Linux app in WSL2 with VS on Windows

Scott Hanselman also loves hacking. Hacking on small devices and on Windows and Linux. In this post, I want to introduce, he shows how to debug a .NET Core Linux app that runs in the WSL2 with a Visual Studio on Windows:

Remote Debugging a .NET Core Linux app in WSL2 from Visual Studio on Windows

This is one of those posts where he put things together that might not match, or things that didn't match in the past. Even tough the fact that Linux is running natively inside Windows was hard to imagine in the past, the fact that we as developers where able to remote debug an .NET Core app on any platform is incredibly awesome. Hacking things together that might not match is the most interesting topic for me as well. Things like getting .NET apps running on Linux based small devices like the RaspberryPi or hosting Mono based ASP.NET Webform apps on an Apache running on Suse Linux where things I did in the past and I still do whenever I find some time. This is why I really love those posts written by Hanselman.