ASP.NET Hack Advent Post 18: The .NET Foundation has a new Executive Director

On December 16th, Jon Galloway announced that Oren Novotny will follow him as the new Executive Director of the .NET Foundation. Jon started as Executive Director in February 2016. Until now, the .NET Foundation added a lot of value for the .NET community. They added a lot of more awesome projects to the Foundation and provided many services for them. The .NET Foundation launched a worldwide Meetup program, where .NET related meetups get a Meetup Pro for free and will be marked as part of the .NET Foundation. They also support the local communities with contents and sponsorships. In March 2019 the .NET Foundation runs an election for the board’s first elected directors. Orin will officially take over at the start of January. Jon will continue supporting the community as a Vice President of the .NET Foundation and as a member of the voluntary Advisory Council.

Welcoming Oren Novotny as the new Executive Director of .NET Foundation

At the same day, also Oren announced that he will follow Jon Galloway as Executive Director of the .NET Foundation. He also announced that he is joining Microsoft as a Program Manager on the .NET Team under Scott Hanselman. So he is one of the many, many MVPs that joins Microsoft. Congratulations :-)

.NET Foundation Executive Director, Joining Microsoft

I'm really looking forward to see how the .NET Foundation evolves.